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AZURE Hydrocarbon Synthetic Wax

Image of AZURE Hydrocarbon Synthetic Wax

Our revolutionary cutting edge hydrocarbon hybrid wax provides a dazzling deep wet gloss with the attributes of a performance grade coating which forms a rubber like resin upon curing, this resin increases hardness, smoothness and provides water repellency.

This specially developed formula breaks all the wax rules by blending a non-traditional Nanograde material with synthetic straight chain waxes to provide clients with a unique advanced wax.

We believe Azure is the First Hydrocarbon Wax available in the World and is one of the most sophisticated waxes for all external vehicles surfaces including alloy wheels.

Azure technical data:

Durability: up to 6 months with care
Full curing time: 24 hours
Care: Use any quick detailer spray after washing vehicle with ph neutral shampoo.

Apply using open cell wax applicator wearing nitrile gloves, apply and buff off lightly within 5 minutes, protect from water for 24 hours if possible.

Wax applicator and microfiber cloths not included.

Please note Azure now comes as a White label item only with a MOQ of 20 units. Individual Samples are available.

International Shipping is handled by our manufacturing partner.